What we do

Qualitative research

Telephone and face-to-face interviews, focus groups, case studies, ethnography and participant observation

Quantitative research

Online and postal surveys, costs collection and analysis, cost-benefit analysis, population projection, prevalence estimates and analysis of future demand

Secondary data analysis

We can analyse and interpret your existing data, from surveys, interviews, or from your website and social media stats

Desk research and reviews

Systematic and rapid literature reviews, evidence reviews and assessments, scoping studies and feasibility studies

Evaluation and impact assessment

Exploring and identifying the progress, outcomes and impact of projects, programmes and policies

Reporting and dissemination´╗┐

Clear and insightful reports, summaries, presentations, articles, web content, easy-read pieces and infographics

Methodological advice, project management and consultancy

We can help you design and run your own research and evaluation, project manage your in-house research, or provide input and advice on your existing evaluation frameworks.

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